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download Shishir Jeyamada, a member of the Aadhaar project, first informed the FBI that an Indian hacker had acquired the passwords to login into the FBI’s website. The website is a gateway to information about the US Government's policies. Mr. Pate provided that information as part of an ongoing investigation. Further, the FBI does not discuss information obtained through criminal investigations. In response to the Court’s Order, the Government filed a declaration describing the investigative techniques used to gain the passwords. The declaration was provided to the Court, and all parties were able to view it. The declaration states that the FBI did not obtain the passwords using any of the techniques described. The FBI released the following statement regarding the court order: This Court’s order was entered in a criminal case in which the FBI participated as an information-gathering partner for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. In this case, the FBI supplied a technical support team to assist in the process of obtaining the login credentials from a hacker in India and then verified the identities of those individuals through the execution of search warrants. As a result of these actions, the FBI learned that the hacker obtained the login credentials and identified herself as the source of the data through chat logs. The FBI’s investigation was focused on the individuals whose names were obtained through the data provided by the hacker. This investigation was conducted in the same manner as any FBI investigation. Aditya Desai, a student at New York University, was arrested in March 2012 and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of aggravated identity theft. The charges relate to the hacking of US Social Security Administration and IRS databases. The charges carry a potential penalty of up to 35 years in prison. Mr. Desai denies the charges. Desai also faces charges in Canada. He was arrested there in April 2012. • A list of files that were stolen from the Department of Justice via a cyberattack in 2013. The attack was the work of the "Shadow Brokers", an unknown group which has so far refused to disclose their identity. • File headers recovered by security researchers from the CIA's Central Security Service (CSS), which suggests that documents were taken from the CIA in 2013. The file headers were given to the Shadow Brokers, who then published them. • Technical details on a Shadow Brokers document published in May 2013, describing

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